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[IP LOGGER] IP2Email Link Generator – Discover a user ip address remotely

Want to know the IP of someone and don’t know how? With this tool you can generate a link that you send to the user and when they click on it a email with the IP will be send to your email. How to use? 1) Open the program. 2) Write your email, destination url […]

Firefox Exploit Generator – CVE-2013-1670/CVE-2013-1710

This is a toolkit to generate Firefox exploits that works on Firefox from version 15.0 to version 23.0 on Windows. Note: You will need to obfuscate or encode the result generated in order to avoid or reduce antivirus detection. Also both generators have the exploits in plain text therefore they may be detected. (Don’t trust, […]

Live Devices V2 – Internet Hacking at your finger tips.

Live Devices is a archive that contains specific keywords to find devices such as routers, web enabled devices, heaters, etc… Version 2 is just an update with more devices to search from. In case of routers you can use them as a way to hijack the router and point the DNS service to your own […]

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