Dermabellix  Many risk factors are involved in use of antibiotics. In order to maintain your health, antibiotics should be used sparingly. Raw garlic, wild indigo, yogurt, tea tree oil, colloidal silver are some examples of „natural“ antibiotics which can battle bacteria. Boosting the Immune System Your immune system is naturally strong enough, and it can minimize an overgrowth of harmful bacteria. Vaccination protects you against infectious diseases caused by microbes like bacteria and viruses. It strengthens your immune system. You can boost the immune system by consuming nutrients through a homeostasis promoting diet. Regular exercise helps enhance the function of the immune system. Stress has become an inevitable part of modern life which leads to hormone imbalance and various diseases. Exercise helps maintain hormonal balance. In some cases, use of antibiotics can be lifesaving, for example, pneumonia was a notable cause of death in the elderly, a few years back, but antibiotics have helped improve the survival rate for pneumonia. Along with malnutrition, high stress levels, having a genetic predisposition to bacterial infection, and being very young or very old are some other risk factors for bacterial infections. Invasion of the body by pathogenic bacteria, and their multiplication can result in serious, even life-threatening complications, such as sepsis, kidney failure, toxic shock syndrome, and death. Some medications, like corticosteroids, can suppress the body’s natural immune response, and can make you contract bacterial diseases.

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